PT Artha Metal Sinergi

Established since 2015, PT Artha Metal Sinergi (AMS) focuses its business in steel, electrical cable and cosmetic industries. As a member of Artha Graha Network (AGN), AMS is confident to thrive and become one of the major players within each industries.




Main Businesses

The 3 main businesses conducted by AMS are:

Indonesia is an attractive long term investment destination. It is the largest market in South East Asia in terms of consumer base. The steel consumption in Indonesia is higher than the total production, which results in a high amount of import to fulfill the demand. This generates opportunity for AMS to enter the market.
Indonesia currently has the population of about 260 million where only about 75% of the population has direct access to electricity. Indonesian's government has planned to increase the electrification rate to 100% by 2026. AMS foresees this opportunity and determined to tackle electricity problem in Indonesia.
Indonesia has 174.8 million people within the age range of 15-64 years old which can be regarded as an attractive potential market for cosmetic industry. Furthermore, with the growing middle income class, Indonesia is a suitable market for developing cosmetic business. Looking at the size of the market, AMS plans to enter the market in the near future.


Indonesia is in shortage of steel material for construction of building and infrastructures. Additionally, the market demand is constantly growing at 5 - 6% per annum for steel materials. Thus, AMS is dedicated to resolve the production gap in Indonesia's steel industry by planning to build a steel plant in Indonesia. The factory will be built in Artha Industrial Hill which is located in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia. The development of the steel plan will be divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 - Combined Mill
600 ktpy Bar and Wire Rod Mill (Multi-strand slitting for small sizes rebar and High-speed block for wire rod)

Phase 2 - Split Mill
More than 600 ktpy bar and 400 ktpy wire rod.

Phase 3 - Scrap Based EAF Melt Shop
600 ktpy billet or 1.2 Mtpy billet.


AMS is striving to become one of the cable makers in Indonesia to support Indonesian Government Masterplan in fulfilling 100% electrification rates across Indonesian archipelago.

Partnership between PT. AMS and LS Cable & System Targets Indonesian Cable Market Share

To support the Indonesian Government Masterplan, AMS is partnering with LS Cable & System to build cable factory in Indonesia with a total investment value of USD 50 Million.

Equipped with highly advanced technology imported from South Korea, this partnership has a vision to become one of the largest cable producer in indonesian

The Project is divided into several phases

1st Phase = Low Voltage (LV) & Medium Voltage (MV) Cable.
2nd Phase = High Voltage (HV) & Low Sag Composite Core (LSCC Cable).
3st Phase = Submarine Cable.

Similarly, the factory will be built in Artha Industrial Hill, Karawang, West Java, Indonesia.
The 1st Phase of the project requires 6.4 Ha of land, while additional 3.2 Ha of land is required for the 2nd Phase.

Groundbreaking for the factory is expected to be in March 2019 and completion in end of 2020.



SD Biotechnologies (SNP) with the experts at the R&D Laboratory, is becoming a world class research institute focusing on realibility and scientific evidence to develop innovative materials.

In order to enter the cosmetic business, AMS has partnered with SD Biotechnologies (SNP) to establish a cosmetic company in Indonesia. Equipped with SNP capability to develop innovative materials and products to suit Indonesian market, AMS has the vision:

To be no. 1 cosmetic brand in Indonesia.
To be sole distributor for all SNP existing products in Indonesia.
Distribute and manufacture SNP products in Indonesia for local and global market.
Develop and manufacture new local Indonesian brand for local and global market.

There are 3 phases for the project:
1st Phase: Import and Domestic Distribution
2nd Phase: Localization through OEM
3rd Phase: Manufacturing & International Distribution


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